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Southern Tree Surgery LLC is locally owned and operated on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Licenses / Credentials:
• State Licensed Tree Surgeon LT 740

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Areas Served: Ocean Springs, MS; Biloxi, MS; D'Iberville, MS; Gulf Hills, MS; Gulf Park Estates, MS; Gulfport, MS; Pascagoula, MS; Moss Point, MS

We Specialize In:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming, Topping, Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Debris Removal
  • Hazardous / Dead Tree Removal

Tree Service: When You’re Out on a Limb with Tree Trouble

Trees add beauty to your lawn and benefit the environment. Like anything on your property, trees require maintenance - not only to preserve their aesthetic appeal and value, but to prevent future problems. While having a tree in your front or back yard definitely adds to the charm of the property, sometimes trees can pose problems that need to be tackled as early as possible. This is where a professional Ocean Springs Tree Service comes into the picture. Allow an Ocean Springs Tree Service to prune or trim your trees. In some cases, you might need them to remove the tree, or remove a stump.

Your home is sure to benefit from having trees on the lot. When they're in need of maintenance, they can become a liability. Fallen trees and low-hanging or dead branches can cause injury to people and property. Keeping your trees healthy and hazard-free will improve their lifespans, add aesthetic appeal to your home, and ensure your trees never become a danger. With the help of a skilled Ocean Springs Tree Service, your trees will be at their very best. Keeping your trees well-maintained and healthy is an excellent way to prevent them from becoming a risk. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide for the safety of the trees on the property. An Ocean Springs Tree Service can help identify and correct problems as well as perform routine professional maintenance.

Ocean Springs Tree Service: Identifying and Solving Your Trees' Problems

As trees grow, they may develop wayward branches that can interfere with utility lines. Branches striking the power lines could potentially cause power outages, fires, and dangerous fluctuations in the power flow. Sometimes, when hit by a falling tree or a branch, the electrical line may be downed and could still be conducting electricity. People or pets that approach the downed wire are at risk of severe injury and death. If you're concerned one of your trees could fall into the utility line or pole, notify an Ocean Springs tree service at once. They can reduce or eliminate the risk of rotten, overgrown, and wayward branches striking the power lines.

To determine whether or not your trees pose any dangers, examine them and ask yourself the following questions. Ocean Springs Tree Service professionals suggest going into your yard and taking a good look at your trees. From the ground, do you see dead or broken branches along the tree's trunk? Do any of your trees have rotten wood along the trunk and major branches? Are there mushrooms growing at the base of your trees? A rotting tree is a very dangerous thing to have on your yard. Look for cracks and splits where the branches are attached to the trunk. Have the branches of your tree fallen down or have nearby trees died or fallen over? Do branches appear to grow more on one side of the trunk than on the other, giving the tree an unbalanced appearance? Maybe the roots have been injured by previous repairs carried on in the property, like installing sidewalks and pavements or digging trenches.

A reputable Ocean Springs Tree Service can offer invaluable assistance in restoring the health and beauty of your yard. Your property will be safer, and your trees more long-lived, if you are able to notice and correct the risks associated with trees. Also, if you do not take any steps to correct tree hazards though you are aware of them, you are faced with potential liability. Reduce your liability by hiring an Ocean Springs Tree Service to perform regular trimming and maintenance on your trees.

Ocean SpringsTree Service: Tree and Stump Removal

Sometimes it may not be enough that you prune and trim the branches regularly; you may need to uproot an entire tree or remove the stump of an old tree. An experienced Ocean Springs Tree Service will use a grinder to dispose of stumps. The grinder wears the stump down until only wood chips remain. Using grinders will leave you with only small pieces of wood chips that are manageable, but if the stump is dug out manually or pulled out, you may be left with a huge root ball that is difficult to dispose of.

Having ugly stumps and other detractors to your home's aesthetic value can also affect property values. Stumps that stick out of the ground can cause injury if visitors (or you yourself!) aren't careful. Can you believe you could be sued over something as useless as an old rotted stump? You'll be astounded by the improved appearance of your lawn after an Ocean Springs Tree Service removes the stump. No one will be able to tell there ever was a stump in your yard! Your lawn will look larger and much neater than it did previously. Stump removal also prevents infestations of bees, termites and other insects. If you mow over one by accident, you could destroy your mower. Before someone slips and falls or your lawn mower is damaged, it is best that the stump is removed by an experienced Ocean SpringsTree Service.

More Reasons to Call an Ocean Springs Tree Service

It's not uncommon for homeowners to feel their trees are simply maturing too fast and growing too big. You might find, as your trees grow, that they're intruding on utility lines, your home, your neighbor's home, or even other trees. Perhaps they're just growing too large as they mature. Dead limbs, rotting branches, foliage too dense for sunlight to penetrate and pest infestation are all common problems with mature and aging trees. No matter what your trees need, an Ocean Springs Tree Service can provide it. They'll dispose of dead and damaged wood, increase a tree's aesthetic appeal by trimming and raising the canopy, and they can even squeeze into small areas to fell nuisance trees. Are your trees in need of pruning and trimming or do you have a stump you want removed? Call a skilled Ocean Springs Tree Service today. They’ll be happy to help.

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They did a great job. The price was reasonable and the clean up was exceptional.
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Todd has done work for me for years. He is dependable and always there when I need him.
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